Todd Linsley Husband/Father/Filmmaker/Educator, working to give a voice to the citizen's of Orem, Utah by running for Orem City Council.

Todd Linsley has pledged Transparency and Accountability...

"Because I believe so deeply in accountability and transparency, once I have been elected I will take advantage of the Podcast format and use it to report back to the city, the decisions that were made in our City Council meetings and recommend that other Council members join me.


Todd Linsley was born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky to Sonja P. Linsley (Author/Publisher) and Bill Linsley Jr. (Research Scientist/Executive) who were born in Ogden, Utah. He was raised in New York along with his five sisters and one brother. Growing up, he gained an affinity for Baseball, Football, Musical Theater, & Ronald Reagan. 

"One of my greatest thrills as a child was after sending a picture I drew of the new President, sitting on his horse (from a time magazine cover). I got a letter from the White House thanking me for my 'handmade gift'. My mother kept the letter safe in her top drawer. I would often gingerly pull it out and stare at the White House stationary and Ronald Reagan's signature. After the President’s kindness to a little boy in New York, it impressed upon me what a debt we have to each other, a debt of gratitude. We do nothing in this life alone. I have tried throughout my life to express kindness, gratitude, and to regard it as life's greatest virtue." 

Todd went to highschool for two years in Suburban Detroit, Michigan and moved to Southern California where he would graduate in Saugus, California (Go Centurions!).

"As a child I was a yankees Fan. I loved watching Reggie Jackson hit three consecutive home runs, at Yankee Stadium, in game six of the 1977 World Series. However as a teen and adult, living in Los Angeles, Tommy Lasorda's Dodgers eventually won me over. I am a huge Dodgers fan."

Todd served his church for two years in the Indiana Indianapolis Mission, after which he returned home and attended College of the Canyons, while working in the Film and Television Industry. Todd worked in the capacity of a Unit Production Manager. His job was to anticipate the needs and logistics of a production and create a budget that would support those needs. He has extensive experience in putting a project together and prides himself in always finishing under budget.

Todd met his sweetheart (Autumn N. Glahn, who was visiting from Orem) in the Santa Clarita Singles ward and was married in 2001. They just celebrated 20 years together and have 2 beautiful boys. Todd and Autumn have volunteered for their church and for Utah County 4-H. They both teach in the Alpine School District.

Todd believes that gratitude is the greatest of all virtues and the root of all good motives. 

"As I have chosen to serve the citizens of Orem, I do this with a mind for progress and a heart set on preserving a high quality of life and protection of our property."

“As an Orem City Council Member, I see myself not as a leader, but a representative of the people of Orem. I will navigate each and every decision with a deep and abiding belief that I do it in the name of the people who put me there. I will use the modern tools afforded me to gain consensus on the people's agenda and not for my personal gain.”

Todd has a plan.

“Americans do not respond well to compulsion. The mottos of, ‘Dont tread on me’ and ‘Come and get it’  comes to mind. We participate on our own terms; an essential element to the definition of freedom. In Orem we hold these freedoms near and dear. I propose a corp of Volunteers, Students, Families, & Churches, to rise up and heed the call of your city. There are people in need, there are the marginalized and the poverty stricken and the lonely, and disabled who need our help. There are simple tasks we can do to serve our community; whether it’s reading a book or mowing a lawn, pulling some weeds, these tasks build community, they build relationships and trust. When we serve,we help  fill a need within our community. I want to help our volunteers by offering incentives. I want to hold activities where volunteers can build trust with our citizens. Service is where we begin to truly embrace the “Family City, USA”. We need to know our neighbors. I have a comprehensive plan to incentivise these groups to reach out and beautify our city. This plan includes a referral process for properties that have been neglected or have for some reason fallen unattended.”

A latin American Festival in the Fall!

“I want a Fall festival. I want to embrace our Latin Culture. We have a large, beautiful population that has been marginalized and neglected in our city. I want to celebrate them with a big three day party. I want to take time in the fall, to celebrate the traditional ALL SAINTS DAY with music, dancing, ceremony, food and art. We can educate our children with games, contests, and exposure to the unique spirituality and soul of our Latin-American neighbors. We can join with them and truly become “Family City USA”.

In the Spring We Celebrate A Galaxy Far Far Away!

“I want a Spring Festival. A new kind of celebration. One that celebrates imagination, Science Fiction & Fantasy. I want to celebrate STAR WARS DAY! Star Wars Day can become an official day in Orem City to celebrate the wonder of our own imaginations. People will come in their costumes. We’ll have music, vendors and food that rivals only the depths of our own creativity. I promise you this one will be out of this world!

The Holiday Family Film Festival!

“I would like to develop a film festival for the city in the winter months. A film festival that celebrates families and a new national pastime, The Holiday Movie. I see premieres from Hallmark, Disney and Independent productions, here in the big beautiful Scera Entertainment complex. We could have a children's contest and an animation category.  We can have local and international celebrities visit to do Q&As. I would love a lecture series on the greatest holiday movies of our time. We could expand the Kinder market that Scera has, and perhaps bring more vendors in to sell holiday oriented chachkies. It would be an absolute winter smash! No matter what holiday you celebrate, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, all are welcome!”

With these festivals, which will pay for themselves, we can use the excess revenue to pay for the Volunteer Corps’ activities.”

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